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30cm Microbands - looped latex

30cm Microbands - looped latex

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A staple in every good warm up, prehab or rehab program, Microbands have earned their place in every gym bag.

User warning - Microbands are made of layered latex - latex sensitive people must not expose their skin to our latex Microbands.

Our Microbands are made of the highest quality latex available offering maximum flexibuility. Seem-free layered latex ensures a linear delivery of tension when stretched and superior strength - with no weak points.

A simple latex loop in various thicknesses therby offers varying resistance and the flexibuility for mulitple uses including activating target muscle groups, rehabing injuries, injury prevention and cueing correct movement patterns. Available in 5 resistances there's a size to suits every athletes at all levels of fitness.

30cm Microband resistance specifications

Resistance LevelThicknessWidthColour

Recommended uses include;

  • High performance gyms
  • PT Studios
  • Crossfitters
  • Track and Field athletes
  • Travellers
  • Rehab / Prehab
  • Bootcamps

Note: Due to the manufacturing process, there may be a variation in the overall length of the band (+ or - 2cm). This variation is not detrimental to the products performance.

Note:  Orders will be dispatched in full.  Split or part shipments are not available.  If pre-ordered items are included, the order will be held and dispatched when all products are available.

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1 - Red


2 - Orange


3 - Yellow


4 - Green


5 - Blue



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