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Olympic Swiss Barbell

Olympic Swiss Barbell



While the Australian Barbell Company prides itself on keeping our barbells exactly that - Australian - we have willingly let our loyalties rest, and proudly welcome our Olympic Swiss Barbell to our specialty barbell range.

Our Australian designed, 8 handle Olympic Swiss Barbell weighs in at a hefty 31kg. It allows mulitple variations when used for rowing and pressing movements. The Swiss Bar provides a functional alternative to many traditional barbell movements, offering a neutral grip position whilst minimizing stress on the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

An excellent tool for rehab and a sure-fire way to take your training to the next level and break those plateau!


  • Weight - 31kg
  • Dimensions - 212 x 24 x 9cm
  • Chrome finish


Note:  Orders will be dispatched in full.  Split or part shipments are not available.  If pre-ordered items are included, the order will be held and dispatched when all products are available.

$275.00(inc GST)



 Product Code: BO-SWISS

Category: Specialty Bars

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